Clarity Counselling

Empower Your Mind, Embrace Your Potential

“Relationships are based on four principles: respect, understanding, acceptance and appreciation.”
- Mahtma Gandhi
If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call 911, 310-COPE or go to the nearest hospital

If you need to connect with Suicide Prevention Line, Please contact 9-8-8

We acknowledge that we are on aboriginal land that has been inhabited by Indigenous people for years. As settlers, we are grateful for opportunity to live here and we thank all the generations who taken care of this land and who given us their land.


” To empower individuals in navigation life’s challenges by providing compassionate, confidential counselling services that foster self-discovery, emotional well-being, and resilience. 


” Our vision is to create a future where everyone embraces personal growth, destigmatized mental health, and individuals lead fulfilling lives through the guidance and support of our innovative, confidential, and client- centered therapeutic counselling services.

– Individual Counselling
– Family Counselling
– Child and Youth Counselling
– Groups and Webinars/workshops